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2 people standing in Machu Picchu slopes taxing at the Citadel from Apu Machu Picchu

Day 1 – Arrive in Peru

After sleeping on your overnight flight to Peru, you perk up to the site of the majestic Andes below as you descend across valleys and the red tiled roofs into Cusco. You will gather your bags and meet outside the terminal on July 24th where your transportation will be waiting to take you to your hotel. You’ll feel at ease as you are greeted by your trip leaders who will assist you with check in.

You settle in with time to relax and explore the area around your hotel as you begin to acclimate to the altitude.

Your evening begins with a short yoga practice to stretch out from the trip followed by an wonderful dinner meeting new friends for the first time and getting ready for the incredible adventure to come.

Day 2: Cusco-Pisaq-Munay Sonqo

You wake to greet your first morning in Cusco with a hearty breakfast before boarding your transportation to the Valley.

You’re already feeling more relaxed as you cross the mountain pass and the lush valley opens up below. A short drive among the rivers and fields brings you to Munay Sonqo and the start of your epic adventure in the Sacred Valley!

Your room feels cozy as you get settled for the week before sitting down to a delicious light lunch. You stroll to the yoga room, enjoying the sounds of water along the way, for some time to get acquainted with everyone on the trip. We will go over some of the details for the week before you begin a short practice to open your body from the travel.

You relax and explore the gardens, giving your body what it needs to acclimate to the altitude and time change.

The evening brings a wonderful dinner then you melt away with an amazing Yin and Sound Bath practice to wind down for a very deep sleep.

Day 3: Pumamarka – Ollantaytambo

You wake in the morning feeling rested and ready for adventure! Delighting in conversation with your new friends, your first breakfast in Peru is the perfect start to your day exploring the valley.

Hiking into Pumamarka (Puma Village) you stand silently in awe as you experience the massive stone construction for the first time. Its like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Your heart fills with reverence as you begin to learn the beautiful Inca traditions with a Gratitude Ceremony in this ancient site. Filled with inspiration, you gaze out over the rivers flowing through the valley and begin your morning yoga practice. You just cant believe you are here, practicing in this amazing place, everything just feels so perfect!


As you hike down the mountain, the bustling community of Ollantaytambo begins to come into focus. Your excitement builds as you head toward your first experience with the small communities that dot the valley landscape.

First you stop for lunch in a local restaurant where the chef will prepare a delicious meal from the fields you’ve been walking past along the way. Exploring shops and markets your eyes are filled with the vibrant colors and textiles that line the streets of this picturesque mountain town. Returning to Munay Sonqo your mind soaks in the experience of your first full day in the Sacred Valley. You begin to wind down for an amazing evening of yoga and some serious stargazing!

Day 4: Chincheros-Moray-Maras

Standing high above the famous weaving community of Chincheros your spirit soars across sweeping views of the valley. Focusing your heart on gratitude, you experience a Coca Leaf Ceremony for the first time. Your focus turns to movement as you enjoy your morning yoga practice on ancient terraces. What a way to start another glorious day in this mountain paradise!

You’re filled with anticipation as you descend into Chincheros to explore the famous weaving co-ops and learn the entire process of this ancient art form. The friendliness of this community of women brings a smile to your face as they show you how to dye and weave yarn into the soft colorful fabrics that are the hallmark of the Sacred Valley. You marvel at their skills as you explore the markets with a new appreciation of the love and creativity woven into every blanket you touch.

Standing on soil the Inca imported from all around the empire, you marvel at the sophisticated creation of microclimates within the terraces for ancient agricultural experimentation in Moray.

You feel sense of grounding to your place in history as you recognize how learning to work sustainably with our planet has been a part of the human condition since the beginning of time.

You show your appreciation for the earth as our guide shares the sacred seeds in this amazing place.

Your pilgrimage continues to the small community of Misminay where a local family has prepared a mouthwatering home cooked lunch just for you!

You get lost in the joy of the moment dancing to the traditional the music of the Andes. You can hardly bring yourself to leave the warm embrace of the local families sharing their traditions, culture and the welcoming Quechuan way of life.

Heading back in the afternoon, you stop to explore the Maras salt works. Walking through this unique world heritage site, you can’t help being impressed by the magnitude of the pools and canals that predate the Inca civilization. You are filled with a sense of history realizing that this place is still operated today in the same communal fashion as it was thousands of years ago, producing the famous pink mineral salt used for seasoning and medicinal purposes.

You return to Munay Sonqo and relax with yin and sound bath.

Day 5: The Inca Trail

Its early in the morning and your heart is filled with anticipation as you head out for the Ollantaytambo train station to begin your journey to Machu Picchu. As the train pulls out of the station the sun begins to rise revealing the beautiful river valley along the way.

You arrive at Chachabamba, the trial head for your day hike along the Inca Trail to the Sun Gate. As the train pulls away with the other passengers riding to Machu Picchu, the trail appears before you and you understand why you came this way.

You feel engulfed in the beauty of the cloud forest filled with medicinal plants and orchids as you make your along this ancient path. You stop for lunch at Winayhuayna (forever young), a sacred site where offerings are made to the Apu, the spirits of the mountains. You pause to experience the traditional offering ceremony before continuing your meditative journey.

As the sun begins to lower you arrive at the Sun Gate and experience the breathtaking wonder of Machu Picchu for the first time just as the Inca did thousands of years ago. Your eyes so drawn to the majesty of the place that you can’t look away as you descend the mountain into the ancient citadel. You pause to soak in the energy of sunset in Machu Picchu before checking in to the Sactuary lodge. A gentle evening practice, and time to reflect brings a smile to your face and an end to an epic day!

Day 6: Machu Pichu-Aguas Calientes

Its dawn as you enter Machu Picchu for a sunrise meditation practice. The sun begins rising over the mountains to bathe the megalithic site in the first light of the day.

Your gaze softens and you feel the energy of the mountains flowing through your body; relaxing your mind. You return to the hotel for breakfast before beginning the journey to the top of Apu Huayna Picchu.

You slow down to experience breathtaking views of Machu Picchu and its surrounding peaks as you trek to the peak that serves as the famous backdrop for the citadel. You feel an exhilarating sense of adventure climbing past terraces, caves, and the moon temple on a path few visitors to Machu Picchu will attempt.

Your adventure continues as you board the bus down the mountain to the picturesque river front town of Aquas Calientes, where a well deserved meal awaits. You explore the small town and its markets before boarding the train back to Ollantaytambo. Settling back at Munay Sonqo, you melt into yin with sound bath, and the best sleep ever!

Day 7: Munay Sonqo day of service

Working alongside the local community in a nonprofit permaculture farm, your heart fills with joy. Showing gratitude by giving back to the people and place that have given you such an amazing experience seems like a fitting end to your time in the Sacred Valley.

Returning to Munay Sonqo for lunch your afternoon is spent relaxing and enjoying all that this stunning property has to offer as you prepare for the next leg of your adventure.

The evening brings a Sacred Valley closing circle where you’ll reflect and prepare for the journey ahead. You’ll enjoy a closing dinner and finish the evening with yoga and live music.

Day 8: Rainbow Mountain

Your journey to Cusco begins very early as you head off to Palccoyo, the Rainbow Mountain. Your morning practice prepares you to explore the solitude of this beautiful range.

Humbled by the craftsmanship of nature, you gaze at the vibrant colors of the peak woven together like a Peruvian blanket draped over the mountain top. Hiking among the rainbow peaks and rock gardens you feel the calm and peace of this remote place that remains relatively unknown to travelers.

You’ll return for lunch at a small local restaurant before traveling on to Cusco.

Day 9: Saqsayhuaman – Cusco

Your first morning in Cusco begins with a hike to Saqsayhuaman where you’ll enjoy a grounding yoga practice on the lush grounds of this megalithic site (perhaps with an alpaca or two). Exploring the labyrinth the Incas referred to as the House of the Sun, you’ll marvel at the perfectly carved massive stone blocks weighing up to 125 tons! Our local guides will bring an understanding to the sacred elements of the site and the legends of its construction.

Descending back into Cusco brings a unique perspective to the architecture as you gaze down over the rooftops. A mouthwatering lunch awaits at the Vegan Temple. Fresh, local recipes and an amazing selection of tea offer a welcomed respite in your day. With gratitude for the week spent sharing the joy of their land and sacred traditions, we say goodbye to our local guides.

Your afternoon will be free to explore the vibrance of Cusco with new friends. Walking along cobblestone streets and quaint narrow corridors lined with shops, you’re surrounded by a unique blend of Spanish and Inca architecture in this charming and beautiful place.

On this night we will not have a group dinner so you can choose from all of the wonderful restaurants and amazing flavors of the historic Plaza de Armas.

You may choose to stay out a little later and enjoy the vibrant Plaza or return to wind down with a late evening yin practice and enjoy the luxurious accommodations of the Monestario.

Day 10: Cusco-Departure

Our final morning in Peru will begin with a yoga practice and breakfast before you head out to continue your exploration of Cusco. Grab a friend and check off any of the museums, plazas or holy sites that remain on your list, or perhaps you’ll want to pick up some last minute souvenirs in the massive markets.

Maybe you’ll explore the mountains and sites on the outskirts of town, but whatever you choose, you’re sure to make the most of your final time in Cusco.

We will not have a group lunch on this day so you are free to explore one of the many restaurants along the way.

Returning to the hotel in the late afternoon you’ll gather for our final closing circle and a light meal before saying goodbye to Peru and leaving for the airport.


And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul

-John Muir

How wonderful would it be to relax and enjoy an amazing adventure without the stress of planning and going alone?

That sounds perfect!

On this retreat you can relax in your downtime, nap in a hammock, enjoy the spas, saunas or read a good book with a cup of tea. We have carefully planned every detail to take the stress out of your day so you’ll return feeling refreshed and ready for your next adventure!

Can you imagine the feeling of turning off your computer, and spending time with real people in real places again?

Remember what that’s like?

While listening to live music, sharing delicious meals and dancing with local families you will feel the excitement of real personal connection and leave inspired to get out and spend more time with the people and places you love!

Wouldn’t it be great to have the strength and energy again to positively impact the world around you?

That would feel so great!

On this retreat, through the camaraderie of group adventure you will deepen friendships and come away feeling the strength and inspiration that comes from personal interaction.

Return motivated to encourage everyone in your circle to get out and find joy again!


What’s Included

  • All transportation to and from the airport and daily activities
  • 6 nights at Munay Sonqo (there is no check out for the overnight at Machu Picchu)
  • 1 night at Sanctuary Lodge
  • 2 nights at Monestario
  • 1 night Cusco gathering day (hotel TBD)
  • 25 mouthwatering meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner each day-excludes for Dinner in Cusco on Day 9 and Lunch in Cusco on day 10
  • Entrance and activity fees to all the sites on the itinerary
  • Local Guide, porter, and driver services and tips for all activities
  • Train tickets to Chachabamba and returning from Machu Picchu
  • Daily yoga, sound bath, and/or meditation practices
  • All programming and special evening activities such as astronomy night, and local musical experiences
  • Day of service donation
  • A lasting sense of wonder, joy, and tranquility

What’s NOT included

  • Round Trip Air to Cusco
  • Trip Insurance
  • Any covid or other testing requirements that may be in place at the time of the trip.
  • Water, snacks, or personal items from the shops and markets
  • Optional Museum entry fees
  • Restroom fee at Machu Picchu ($1/S)
  • Dinner on day 9 in Cusco
  • Lunch on day 10 in Cusco
  • Optional hotel services such as massage and other personal services
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Also not included are: items of a personal nature such as, gifts, toll calls, medical costs, the costs of hospitalization and evacuation from remote areas, and additional expenses arising from the delay or extension of a trip due to weather, political disputes, sickness, failure of transportation, or other causes beyond our control
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