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yoga class at the Monestario


Kevin Montgomery

Way too many years ago a friend convinced me to try a yoga class. I was active but yoga had always been in the “not my thing” bucket. But I tried it and I struggled, I was frustrated by my lack of balance, lack of flexibility, and surprised by my lack of strength. So of course, I was hooked!

Over the years I have met some of the best people ever through yoga classes, and as my practice grew, I noticed the mental benefits were even more powerful than the physical ones.

As a corporate executive I found that mental clarity, focus, intuitive skills, and stress management, were all things learned on my mat that positively impacted my work and personal life. In the same way the movement practice had in my body. And all I had to do was show up on my mat and be present.

Little did I know that one day I would step into a new journey leading an amazing yoga community. My business training and discipline have been very useful, not only managing the yoga business itself, but also as a teacher, trainer, and mentor.

My classes are designed with a specific result in mind. Whether that’s to open your hips or to calm your mind to find a meditative state, each element works together so that by the end of class we work to our goal.

I have designed this adventure in the same way. It’s a celebration of life in the present. It’s about allowing your excitement and joy to crowd out the negativity that has been bombarding our minds over the past couple of years. Every element of this journey will support your work and even if you have never practiced yoga in your life, you will leave feeling connected, centered, and balanced. You will feel the Joy of being Human again and you won’t ever want to let that go! And all you must do is show up and be present.

You will leave feeling connected, centered, and balanced.
– Kevin

Kay Abdullah

Kay’s  journey began when she experienced a low back injury leading her to try yoga for healing.  Her first class slowly blossomed into a transformational experience, a thirst for knowledge and a focus on health and wellness through the vast practice of yoga.

Kay’s classes are fun and challenging as she weaves in her sense of humor to empower her students in an engaging and approachable way.  She focuses on detailed alignment and breath to movement, bringing balance and inner peace to her students.  

Kay is excited to combine the practice of yoga with the powerful and serene environment of the Andes mountains to create an experience of being fully present and engaged in each moment along the way.  As an avid traveler Kay looks forward to being your co-guide on this yoga adventure! 

You’ll let go of stress and fill our heart with peace in this powerful place
– Kay


Catie Purcell

Catie’s passion for yoga began as a teenager leading her to study in both the US and India.  She combines her passion for Music with yoga to create space that inspires a deep connection of mind, body, and spirit.

Catie holds a 500 hour yoga certification with continuing education in Ayurveda, Sound Healing, Yin and other healing modalities.  On this retreat the musical offerings brought by Catie and Sara combined with our local musicians will combine to make the mountain experience come to life with the deep joy of music and dance.  

The deeply immersive nature of a yoga adventure offers the perfect setting for Catie’s fun and joyful teaching style and will provide the perfect start and end to a day in the Sacred Valley.  Whether practice in an ancient site with Alpacas roaming nearby, or in the magnificent yoga shala at Munay Sonqo, Catie looks forward do offering an experience that will have a lasting impact on everyone who journeys together.

The power of Sound in a place rich with musical tradition will inspire you.

– Catie

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