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Are you ready for adventure?

Explore the world on carefully curated retreats and adventures, while connecting with nature, like-minded people, and amazing cultures.   You can cross off bucket-list destinations and deepen your love for life in a way that will leave your whole body smiling for months to come! Or enjoy a great hike or weekend getaway close to home.  Whatever you choose an amazing story is waiting to be told.

American Adventures

From day hikes and weekend getaways to epic adventures across the American West, we have crafted some amazing experiences for you right here in the US

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Mount Whitney at dawn is a truly breathtaking site. This is the highest point in the lower 48 and our ultimate quest for our Seven Summits Challenge in Red Diamond Yoga Adventures

Death Valley Adventure

Surrounded one of the most expansive and awe inspiring landscapes in the American west, you will find serenity hiking in slot canyons, meditating on sand dunes, and riding horses through the valley at sunset. Join us on this 6 day epic adventure to one of the most remote and beautiful places in California!

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Alone with your thoughts, the blooming mesquite bushes, and the beauty of the rising sun in Death Valley

French Riviera

Nestled between the Maritime Alps and the Mediterranean Sea you'll feel time slow down strolling along the beaches of Cannes, Nice, and Monaco! Join us for an 8 day freestyle adventure as we explore fields of lavender, ancient mountain villages and the seaside towns of the French Riviera.

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French Riviera Lavender Field

Paris Writers Retreat

Immersed in the city that continues to inspire writers and artists from around the world, you are sure find your creative muse! Join us for 8 days in Paris as we explore creative writing through workshops, and the city that stands as one of the literary capitals of the world.

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Woman standing in from of the Eiffel Tower on Paris writer's retreat

Machu Picchu

Surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Andes, you'll spend 10 days exploring the history, culture and traditions of the sacred valley on this epic adventure.

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Machu Picchu

Cuba Yoga + Dance

Explore the art, music, and dance of one of the most beautiful and inspiring islands in the Caribbean on this 9-day yoga and latin dance adventure in Cuba.

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Beautiful Valley in Cuba

Wouldn’t it be great to find your happy place and experience the joy of traveling and connecting with other people again?

You bet it would!
On our carefully curated retreats, you will experience great destinations in a way you never imagined. Each adventure is crafted to be an immersive experience whether in nature, culture, or tradition, you will leave with a deeper understanding of yourself and the places that you visit. Weaving in yoga and wellness along the way, you will feel relaxed, refreshed and invigorated after every amazing journey large or small.