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Sun - Fri: 8AM - 9PM

You’ll enjoy all the mouthwatering flavors of Peru every step of the way on this adventure.

Dazzle your senses each time you sit down to experience a local restaurant or one of our local family cooked meals.

The sound of chopping fresh ingredients provides the backdrop to lively conversation as you relax in anticipation of another mouthwatering dish.

Your tastebuds come alive at the site of the vibrant colors from a variety of wild and domesticated fruits, vegetables and grains.

If I could cook like this, I would totally go vegan!

-Anonymous traveler @Vegan Temple, Cusco

You’ll delight in beautifully unique recipes where Spanish, Asian and African influences combine to create Peruvian cuisine.

Fresh ingredients from the permaculture gardens at Munay Sonqo offer the foundation for lovingly prepared plant based meals to fuel your journey.

You’ll feel amazing after a week of clean eating and we can arrange to accommodate your dietary restrictions so that each meal is a joyful experience.

Arrangements can be made for meat options available at most of the restaurants we will visit.