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Are you an active yogi yearning to find creative inspiration in one of the artistic capitals of the world?  Then this 8-day adventure to the South of France is perfect for you! Your senses will come alive as you wander through the markets and cafés of old town in Nice. You feel relaxed as you are bathed in the warm golden sun and crystal blue waters of the French Riviera.

You will leave this experience feeling grounded, refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on anything that comes your way with a deep sense of calmness and a heart full of joy.  

Set your clock to Riviera Time!

French Riviera Lavender Field

Do you long to indulge your senses in the beauty and serenity of the iconic Riviera?

That sounds so perfect!

On this retreat you will experience the slower pace and relaxed lifestyle of three classic towns along the French Riviera. Your tastebuds will come alive as you enjoy fresh seafood, craft cheeses, and the wines of the region from quaint little shops and cafés in colorful buildings along cobbled streets.  Sea air fills you lungs with each breath, mixed with the delightful scent of freshly baked bread and lavender.  Your heart is filled with joy as you gaze out over the beautiful Maritime Alps that rise like guardians over the waters of the crystal blue sea.  With each passing day you will feel a deepening sense of calm relaxation creeping in to replace the stress of daily life.

Maritime Apls Village in French Riviera

Are you craving a connection with other yogis to feel inspired and share a new adventure?

Wow, that would be amazing!

On this retreat you’ll spend a week with like hearted people experiencing new culture and sharing inspiration.  Each day you will find yourself surrounded by the beauty of picturesque Riviera towns lining azure waters with the backdrop of the alps rising high above.  You’ll develop deep and lasting friendships as you Basque on the beach, walk cobblestone streets lined with shops and cafes and enjoy beautiful architecture and the relaxed pace of life in the Riviera.

Check Out Our Villa!

You will be staying in a beautiful villa in the rolling hills just above Cannes!

You are going to love our beautiful villa in Mouans-Sartoux in the hills just outside of Cannes.  This peaceful getaway features a pool, well-manicured grounds, nicely decorated common areas and all of the amenities you need for a perfect stay.  

There are two room types available.  There are suites that feature one king sized bed and an ensuite bathroom.  These are perfect for two people who share a bed or for single occupancy indulgence.  

The women only group stay option is a large room with 5 single beds and 3 bunks.  We will not be booking for the upper bunk beds as this trip has limited capacity only the 5 singles.  There are two shared bathrooms for this room and an option to use a third bathroom as well. 

For solo female travelers choosing the roommate option the 5 room is available.  Plenty of space and sure to be a lot of fun!

Let’s See The Itinerary!

This is a freestyle retreat which means you can do everything on our itinerary, or you can choose to go to the beach everyday, shop everyday, or just relax by the pool! We will discuss all of the amazing options each day and you can decide!

Day 1: Arrive in Nice

You’ll be greeted by the warm sea air as you step off your flight in Nice on May 25th and into the leisurely pace of the French Riviera.  Your mind begins to relax as you just feel like vacation already! Traveling a short distance through the beautiful countryside, you feel a sense of excitement pulling up to the beautiful country villa you will call home for the week ahead.  

After settling in, you will enjoy a light yoga practice to stretch out from the trip and time to relax by the pool and let your body ease into acclamation.  The evening brings your first mouthwatering meal prepared by our chef and time to get to know your fellow yogi travelers.

Day 2: Explore Cannes

Wake up to your first full day in the French Riviera! You’ll step out by the pool for yoga practice in the quiet, sweet morning air.  Then have a yummy breakfast and get ready for the day. Today, you will begin your exploration along the beautiful boardwalk of Cannes.  With sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters on one side, and high fashion boutiques sprinkles with coffee shops on the other you immediately feel relaxed and calm in full vacation mode!  

After enjoying the beach, you continue up into Cannes where the high fashion streets give way to museums, cafés, and beautiful old cathedrals. You may stop for lunch or snack your way through town as you check out the street art and all the beautiful architecture of this quaint, yet modern, seaside town.  

After spending the day exploring Cannes, you’ll enjoy your first dinner on the riviera at a café of your choosing or meet up with others in the group for dinner and a glass of wine before returning to the Villa to wind down by the pool.

Day 3: Nice to Monte Carlo

You wake up rested and ready to take on another glorious day in the Riviera!  You’ll begin your day with a yoga class to get our blood flowing and then enjoy breakfast at our Villa.  

After Breakfast we will get ready to head for Nice and on to Monaco!  We will arrive in Nice and spend the late morning exploring the markets shops near the promenade.  Streets filled with Bakeries and Cafes offer the perfect set of options for lunch!  Then you head to the train station for a quick train ride to Monaco the second smallest country in the world!

You’ll spend the afternoon enjoying all the beauty of Monaco with its grand Palace and beautiful cathedral.  You will marvel at the gardens and museums packed into this small but very exclusive country.  

The evening brings an amazing meal near the famous Monte Carlo Casino where you can take a step back in time to the grandeur and opulence of this place.  You feel like you’ve just stepped into a classic James Bond thriller.  Leaving the casino in time to enjoy a breathtaking sunset, you linger in Monte Carlo to enjoy the lights sweeping up the decorative buildings and adorning fountains in a colorful glow.  The nighttime is even more beautiful than the day in this magnificent city.  

You’ll return to Nice and head back to our villa to enjoy a relaxing evening by the pool before turning in for the night. 

Day 4: Explore Nice

After a gentle morning practice to stretch out from walking, you’ll enjoy another healthy breakfast at the Villa before heading out for a beautiful day in Nice.  You’ll begin your day strolling along the promenade filled with shops and cafes on one side and the French Riviera beaches on the other.  You may choose to spend the afternoon at the beach or walk up the hill to check out the old cathedrals with their fairy tale gardens and sweeping views of the city and sea. 

That evening we will enjoy dinner at one of the cafés and a wine tasting before heading to the beach to bask in the beauty of sunset.  Returning to the Villa you relaxed and ready for a good night’s rest.

Day 5: Explore Grasse and the Alps

Wake up to another beautiful day in the Riviera! Your body is feels more relaxed from the meditation, yoga and adventuring, and your mind and spirit feel bright as you enjoy your morning practice.  After a yummy breakfast, you’ll head out for a day exploring the Provence countryside.  Today we will head over to Grasse, famous for its perfume makers. 

You will enjoy touring the oldest perfume maker in the region still in operation today.  You’ll love learning all the intricate details of the process and how scents are created and built before having a chance to create your own custom bottle of perfume! 

In the afternoon you will explore the ancient architecture of the mountain villages perched high above the riviera and perhaps find lavender fields that are still in bloom.  Its late in the season for lavender but at this elevation there are varieties that bloom into August.  

You will return to the Villa with plenty of time to enjoy the pool and a glass of wine!

Day 6: Free Day Optional Wine Tour or Maritime Alps

Feel a full heart and calm mind with your morning meditation and a light breakfast before heading out for the Maritime Alps!  Today we explore the rugged beauty of the Maritime Alps that serve as the backdrop to Nice and Monaco. With its famous gorge, enchanting medieval villages and sweeping views of the mountains, sea, and Nice far below, your heart will be filled by the expanse of the place.  

There will be time to shop and wonder the steep ancient streets of the villages carved into the mountains with their ancient cathedrals and monasteries.  Perhaps stopping for some wine and cheese to enjoy for lunch high in the hills.  

We will return to the villa where our chef has prepared an amazing dinner with a tasting of many different French favorites!

Day 7: Cannes Islands-Nice-Jasmine Festival

You begin the day with a beautiful yoga session with a focus on joy! After breakfast you’ll get ready to embark on your final full day in the South of France.  Today you may choose to return to Cannes or Nice to enjoy museums or some last-minute shopping, or you may choose to take a boat ride over to the Island to take a break from the hustle and bustle.  The islands are far less crowded and have beautiful beaches where you can enjoy a quiet day with the water.  

In the evening we will head back to Grasse for the opening night of the Jasmine Festival!  This is a fun, annual local festival to celebrate the harvest of Jasmine and the festivities include food, parades and even fireworks.  What an amazing way to spend your last night in the Riviera! 

Day 8: We Say Good Bye to the Riviera

Our final day together will begin with gratitude, in the form of a group yoga and meditation practice! Celebrating all adventure, friendships, good food and good yoga we’ve shared over the week. After one final breakfast together, we will pack and head to Nice to say goodbye to the Riviera and begin our journey home!