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Sun - Fri: 8AM - 9PM

Are you an active yogi looking for an epic adventure in the canyons of Southern Utah?  Then this retreat is perfect for you!  Traveling through the desert of southwestern Utah, you will experience slot canyons, arches, hoodoos, fins, windows and caves on this 9-day adventure with a small group of fun and like-minded people.  From yoga in the Pink Sand Dunes of Kanab to Sunrise meditations at the mouth of caves high in canyon walls, each day will be filled with exhilarating, bucket list adventures.  You will come home feeling refreshed, revitalized, with new friends and a deep sense of personal satisfaction. 

Person sitting above the canyon at sunrise

Imagine sitting by the canyon rim, high above a dark river, in silence.  The sky is barely light, the birds have yet to wake, and the invisible sun begins to paint the sky with shades of purple, yellow, and pink as it makes its way toward the horizon.  The walls of the canyon are dark in shadow and the mountains across the way are silhouetted against the ever-brightening sky. 

With each inhale you feel fresh damp air filling your body with quiet energy and with each exhale you feel more deeply relaxed and peaceful; without a thought for anything else but this very moment and the beauty of nature’s morning routine unfolding around you.  Your gaze softens as contemplation flows to meditation, and you feel your spirit set free to soar with the dazzling colors of the sky

Meditating on the rim at Bryce Canyon
Bird at sunrise in Bryce Canyon

All at once the sun breaks above the horizon and silence is replaced by the joyful song of birds waking up to greet the brand-new day.   A smile crosses your whole body. It’s been so long since you felt the simple joy of songbirds waking to the morning sun.  So long since you felt a complete stillness in your mind that can’t be rippled. 

Enjoying sunrise at Bryce Canyon

You’ve made it, your body and your mind begin to sync with the rhythms of nature, and you feel an overwhelming sense of calm and belonging.

Welcome to the canyons…

Welcome back to nature…

Welcome Home!

Woman hiking in the Narrows at Zion

Are you longing to fully immerse yourself in the peaceful beauty of nature?

That sounds perfect!

On this adventure, you won’t be looking at the natural world from a scenic overlook, wondering what’s actually in the canyons below.  You’ll feel the sandstone and cool smooth granite on your body as you traverse narrow slot canyons and tunnels.  Feel cold water rushing past your legs and sweeping at your feet as you trek through the famous Narrows of Zion.  Enjoy warm sand cradling your bare feet as you practice yoga amongst pink dunes.  Listen to sounds of water pouring through canyons, the breeze in the pine trees, the birds, and the palpable silence of remote desert landscapes. 

You’ll leave civilization far behind and relax into nature’s warm embrace welcoming you home to the original place where you belong.  

You will return with a lasting sense of peace and calm along with a bit of hesitation to reengage in the hectic world you left behind.

Narrow Slot Canyon

There is a profound beauty in the rhythm of nature, if only we take the time to listen.

-John Wesley Powell

Day 1:  Arrive Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon

Sunset in Bryce Canyon

We’ll meet at Las Vegas International Airport by noon to begin our journey to Bryce Canyon.  Along the way we will stop for lunch and provisions.  Arriving in the late afternoon, you will check into the historic Ruby’s Inn where you will have some time to relax and unpack in your comfortable room.  In the evening enjoy your first sunset over Bryce Canyon and get to know your fellow adventurers over a wonderful dinner at the secluded Stone Hearth Grill.  After dinner we’ll go over our itinerary for the week and turn in early to get some sleep for the start of our adventure.

Day 2: Hiking Bryce Canyon and Dark Skies

Your day begins with a breathtaking sunrise meditation and yoga practice in the park.  Then return to the hotel for a hearty breakfast to prepare for a day of exploring.  On this day we will hike a figure 8 loop combining Navajo, Queens, and Peek-a-boo loops to experience the diverse environment and ancient hoodoos that fill the canyon. You’ll gaze in wonder at the spectacular sight of Thor’s hammer and the famous Wall Street section of Bryce Canyon.  

In the afternoon we will return to the hotel to clean up before having dinner around sunset at the Bryce Canyon Lodge.  

Sunrise at Bryce Canyon
There is nothing more spectacular that the night sky as seen in Death Valley. Crystal clear, and with no light pollutions, you gaze into the heart of the Milky Way.

Nighttime brings out millions of stars and Bryce is one of the darkest places in the southwest. Even without a telescope you can stare deep into the Milky Way.  This night is approaching the new moon so the stars will be especially bright! We will head over to a dark skies observatory where an astronomer will introduce us to the planets, constellations, and galaxies performing nature’s dazzling light show.  

Day 3: Bryce Canyon to Kanab

Your day begins with a sunrise meditation and yoga practice before having breakfast and heading back into Bryce Canyon.  On this day you’ll hike Fairyland loop and enjoy lunch among the hoodoos, windows, and arches in this awe-inspiring section of the canyon.  After lunch we hike back and begin the short drive to Kanab Utah where we will spend the next 4 days.  

Bryce Canyon Arch
Sand Caves of Kanab

When we reach Kanab, you’ll check into the historic Parry Lodge which has a rich history of hosting famous movie stars from the days when many westerns were filmed in the area.  The lodge claims that John Wayne himself commissioned their pool!  That evening we have our first dinner at Kanab’s Rocking V Café and spend a quiet evening exploring the shops along the main street downtown.  

Day 4: Hiking Wire Pass to Buckskin Gulch

We rise early to catch our first mind blowing sunrise in Kanab at the famous Sand Caves followed by outdoor yoga at the base of the cliffs.  Returning to Parry for a hearty breakfast and set out for Escalante. On this day we explore the deep narrows of Buckskin Gulch, the longest slot canyon on the planet.   With towering walls and narrow passages, this slot canyon is one of the most beautiful in a park filled with amazing slot canyons.  We will enjoy our lunch on the trail before returning in the afternoon to relax a bit before dinner at Wild Thyme Café.  After dinner you’ll enjoy some time to relax from the day, journal, or explore the grounds at Parry.

Buck skin gulch

Day 5: Coyote Buttes and Via Ferrata

The Wave

We rise early to head out for Coyote Buttes where we will either hike to the Wave (north) or White Pocket (South) depending on the permit lottery.  The lottery closes on July 1st so we will know prior to the trip which hikes we will be able to do.  Both are amazing rock formations with iconic photo opportunities and surreal landscapes.

We will return in the early afternoon and relax for a bit before we head over for an amazing Golden Hour via ferrata experience.  Your heart pounds with excitement as you climb 700 feet to the top of the cliff on iron rungs. Arriving at the top you are rewarded with breathtaking 360-degree views of the entire area, from east Zion to Escalante, bathed in the glow of the evening sun!  As the sun begins to set, painting the evening sky in shades of orange and purple, we rappel back down into the canyon.  We will head over to Sego and enjoy our final dinner in Kanab.

Person Rappeling in Slot Canyon

Day 6: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to Zion

Pink Sand Dunes

We rise early and head into the Pink Sand Dunes for sunrise and our morning practice.  Following our yoga practice, your heart is filled with joy as we ‘give back’ in our day of service at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.  This beautiful large animal clinic and sanctuary is located in a secluded canyon just outside of Kanab.  After our time with the animals, you will enjoy a vegan buffet lunch at the sanctuary before heading on to Zion.  

We arrive in Zion to check-in at the Zion Lodge where we will spend our final three nights.  We’ll clean up to enjoy dinner at the lodge and relax for the evening sharing pictures and stories of our work with the animals. 

Day 7: Hiking The Narrows

On this day we rise early to catch our first sunrise in Zion.  We are deep inside the canyon so you’ll enjoy a morning yoga practice as the sky grows brighter and the sun finally spills down onto the canyon floor, painting the west walls with light as it rises.  After breakfast at the lodge, we head out to explore the famous Zion Narrows.  On this iconic slot canyon route you exprience the thrill of hiking in water up the river, crossing water pockets and traversing the canyon to reach our turning back point. Here we will have lunch before returning.  

The Narrows at Zion
The Narrows at Zion

We return to the lodge to clean up and then drive into Springdale for dinner.  It seems like microbreweries and the great outdoors are staples of the remote western American parks.   So we will be honoring this tradition by taking our bragging rights with us for dinner at the Zion Brewery.  

Day 8: Walters Wiggles to Angels Landing or West Rim

Following breakfast and our morning yoga practice we will head up Walter’s Wiggles to Scout’s Landing.  The sun will be over the horizon but still casting dramatic shadows across the canyon when we arrive.  At this point we will split into two groups.  Those who choose to climb Angel’s Landing and are successful in the lottery will head up and those who choose to enjoy a stunning hike along the west rim trail will strike out in the opposite direction.  Both options provide spectacular views over the canyon and the river flowing more than a thousand feet below.  

After returning to the lodge, we will relax before our evening dinner and final closing circle.

Walters Wigggles

Day 9: Goodbye Zion, Hello Vegas!

Angels Landing

We rise early for our last yoga practice in Zion.  After practice we will take a leisurely hike over to the lakes near the lodge.  Then we will check out and bid farewell to Zion as we stop in Springdale for lunch before heading back to Las Vegas.

Kevin on Angels Landing

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds. May your rivers flow without end, meandering through pastoral valleys tinkling with bells, past temples and castles and poets towers… 

-Edward Abbey

The small adventure towns of the Southwest usually have very limited options for quality hotels and restaurants. Luxury and adventure don’t usually go hand in hand. On this trip we are fortunate to enjoy some of the historical inns and national park lodges that grew up around these breathtaking landscapes.

Historic Ruby’s Inn at Bryce Canyon

In 1919 Ruby’s Inn was the first hotel built in Bryce canyon.  It moved to its present location in 1923 when the canyon was designated a National Monument.  While it has grown and changed since then, it is still owned and operated by the grandchildren and great grandchildren of its founder Reuben (Ruby) Syrett.  The family also operates other local attractions, shops and restaurants they have started over the years on their original ranch property.  You will enjoy wonderful hospitality, clean and comfortable beds, and a great location just minutes from the Bryce Canyon National Parks Entrance.

Historic Parry Lodge in Kanab

The Parry Lodge was originally built as a roadside inn back in 1931 to serve the natural wonders of the area surrounding Kanab Utah and attract tourists to the area.  Now listed on the register of historical places, Parry was THE place to stay for Hollywood stars who came to Kanab to film countless Westerns during its heyday.  You will enjoy the pool that John Wayne is said to have commissioned, the clean comfortable rooms,  and wonderful hospitality of this landmark property located in the heart of old town Kanab.  

Zion Lodge

The Lodge in Zion National Park

We finish up our trip in the heart of Zion National Park at the Zion Lodge.   This stylish in-park experience brings the perfect end to a wonderful journey as we will be in the park to see the sun rise and set, to gaze up at the stars, have quiet evening walks by the river and enjoy our closing night fire circle.  With comfortable beds, attentive service and the park outside your door, this is sure to be a memorable stay!

Our Premium Adventures are all inclusive, so you can enjoy your day without worrying about your meals.  We curate dining experiences that always offer vegan and gluten free options, which is not easy in smaller adventure towns! Meals include non alcoholic beverages. Here is what to expect.

Breakfast at Zion


Breakfasts will be at the buffet in each of our hotels.  These have all the usual breakfast options and vegan options include fruit, oatmeal, granola, breakfast potatoes and more.  We will provide you with a list of what is or isn’t vegan for each hotel.  We also bring vegan condiments like earth balance for bread since that is not an option in most places.


On our outdoor adventures you will enjoy sack lunches on the trails unless otherwise noted.  When we leave Kanab you’ll be treated to the vegan buffet that is lovingly prepared by volunteers and staff at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. On our final day we stop for lunch as we leave Zion.  You will have a menu to select sandwiches, wraps, fruit and chips each adventure day.

Hiking Sack Lunch
Catalina's Hideaway Panama


Dinner is a time to relax and enjoy great conversation over a nice meal to finish the day.  Each evening, we explore locally owned and operated restaurants in the area or the National Park lodge restaurants.  We work with the chefs at each restaurant to ensure that there are some good vegan options as well.  


Everyone likes to travel with some snacks.  You will burn a lot of calories on an active adventure.  We do not provide personal snacks as most yogis have clear preferences.  You can pack snacks from home but we will also make provisioning stops along the way at stores where you can stock up at prices far more reasonable than in the parks! 

Trail Snacks
Day Hiking Gear Checklist

This trip does require some specialty gear for canyoneering that you may not have and probably don’t want to purchase.  Certain gear rental is included in the cost of the trip including water shoes and neoprene socks for the Narrows, harnesses and helmets for rappelling and the via ferrata, and hiking poles.  Please see the complete packing list in our FAQ’s section on the pricing page.  

Kevin and Jenya

Kevin Montgomery

Kevin Montgomery in Saqsayhuaman in Peru

When we retreat, we offer ourselves the opportunity to press the pause button on life for a time and give ourselves some much needed selfcare.  It’s hard to think of anything more relaxing and grounding than spending a few days in nature, practicing yoga and meditation with a group of fun and interesting people.  

This adventure combines all of that with some truly magical desert and canyon adventure experiences in some of my favorite National Parks in Utah. Journeying into back country slot canyons and along rims a thousand feet above the canyon floorwill leave a positive, lasting impression on your life and I cant wait to share my favorite places in this incredible place.

I truly enjoy leading retreats, teaching yoga, and finding community with new people in new and always interesting places.  I love to see the transformation that takes place between our opening dinners and our closing campfire, and the lasting memories that are created in between.  

I am looking forward to sharing this adventure with you!

Jenya Ustinova

Jenya discovered yoga soon after she moved to the US from Russia in her early 20s, and fell in love with the practice instantly. She now holds a 500H YTT certification from Purusha Yoga School in San Francisco and continues her education. 

Jenya believes yoga provides everybody with a set of skills that help bring more joy and contentment into everyday life. Her classes are challenging yet accessible for everyone and are designed to inspire practitioners on a journey of self discovery.

Jenya’s style is perfect for connecting your practice with your surroundings and she is beyond excited to guide you through our Southern Utah journey! Practicing yoga and connecting with each other in nature is a special experience that will rejuvenate participants and plant seeds for achieving new goals.

Jenya at Badwater Basin in Death Valley
Is this adventure right for me?

This retreat to Southern Utah is perfect for you if you are an active person ready to get out for an amazing yoga adventure with like-minded people. We will experience most places by hiking in a desert and canyon environment and you can expect daily yoga practices in the morning or evening.

We have planned the days to include plenty of downtime to relax enjoy the surroundings and hotel amenities. You don’t need any yoga, hiking, rappelling, or canyoneering experience, just an open mind, open heart, and a reasonably good fitness level.

You must be able to hike up to 8 miles in a day on uneven terrain with steep inclines and in water to participate in most activities. The Via Ferrata is like climbing a ladder for up to 700 feet and rappelling back down 220 feet. Rappelling has a max weight limit of 265 pounds. You will not be able to participate in the Via Ferrata if you exceed that limit because rappelling is the only way back down.

This trip may not be right for you if you have conditions or injuries that limit your ability to participate in these kinds of activities as many locations do not have alternate points of access. Please consult with your physician to make sure these activities are safe for your body. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs. 

Am I required to participate in all of the activities?

Your trip, your time!  

While we have planned this adventure to provide a good balance of activity and downtime, we understand that you may wish to ‘sit this one out’ occasionally.  Maybe sleep-in instead of doing a sunrise meditation or spend time in the spa instead of on the trail.  That’s fine by us as long as you let your trip leaders know your plan so we can work with you.  

Most of our retreats are lodging based so you can easily stay and relax instead of participating in an activity and we work to make sure we have alternatives for anything on a trip that might be more difficult than the rest of the itinerary. However, on trips where we have a moving base, transition day activities may be required to get from one point to another in the journey.  

What is included in my registration?

What’s Included:

  • Transportation to and from Las Vegas International Airport and for all activities listed in the itinerary.
  • 8 nights hotel accommodations
  • 25 meals from lunch on the first day through lunch on the final day as listed.
  • Non-Alcoholic beverages with meals
  • All activities listed in the itinerary including astronomy night
  • Gear rental for Via Ferrata and rappelling
  • Gear rental for water hiking (water shoes and neoprene socks)
  • Tips for hotel and restaurant staff and outside guide services
  • Hiking Pole rental
  •  Daily yoga and/or meditation practices
  • Donation for day of service at Best Friends Sanctuary
  • National and State Park entry fees
  • A lasting sense of triumph and peace!

What’s NOT Included:

  •  Round Trip Airfare to Las Vegas
  • Excess baggage fees
  • Trip Insurance
  • Any covid or other testing requirements that may be in place at the time of the trip.
  • Water, snacks, or personal items from the shops and markets
  • Optional activity entry fees
  • Meals not specifically included in the trip details and any pre or post trip meals
  • Optional hotel services such as wifi, massage and other personal services not included in the package.
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Also not included are: items of a personal nature such as, gifts, toll calls, medical costs, the costs of hospitalization and evacuation from remote areas, and additional expenses arising from the delay or extension of a trip due to weather, sickness, failure of transportation, or other causes beyond our control. 
  • Travel insurance
What is your Cancellation Policy?

A 25% deposit is required at the time of registration. Deposit is refundable up to 120 days from the start of the retreat. Cancellations between 90 and 119 days of the retreat will result in a 25% loss of the full trip price. Cancellations made between 60 and 89 days of the start date of the retreat will result in a 50% loss of the total trip price.

Any cancellation made between 59 days and the date of departure will result in the total loss of funds. Reservations made within any time window above will immediately subject to the cancellation policy for that time period. We reserve the right to cancel the trip at any time and for any reason including force majeure and in such an event we will refund the full price of the retreat.

We always recommend that you purchase trip insurance whenever making travel plans and strongly suggest you consider trip insurance that includes covid coverage. You can use our suggested insurance provider and choose a policy option that is best for you.

Payment Due Dates: 

25% Deposit upon reservation unless reservation is made in a higher payment window.

50% of the balance due 90 days prior to the start date

100% of the balance due 60 days prior to start date

Can I bring my partner or kids?

This trip is for adults only due to the nature of the activities involved.  Your partner, friends, and adult children 18 years or older are welcome to participate. You do not need to be a member or practice at Red Diamond Yoga to travel on our yoga adventures.

I need a roommate-How do I arrange that?

If you are traveling solo and would like to book the lower double occupancy rate simply check the roommate request form.  We will make every effort to match you with a same gender roommate, if we are unable to find a match, you will not be charged for the single occupancy surcharge.  

Where do I fly into?

We will meet at the Las Vegas International Airport.  For those not flying in from Los Angeles we will work to coordinate flight times and transportation, however we are not responsible for any cost associated with early or late arrival should we not be able to accommodate.  For example if you are flying in the night before and spending the night in Las Vegas you will need to coordinate to be at the meet up location at the designated time. 

Is there transportation from the airport?

Yes we will provide transportation from the Las Vegas airport to all of the activities on the itinerary .  We plan to leave by around noon.  If you are staying in Las Vegas prior to the departure date for this adventure please plan to make arrangements to meet at the designated location on Day 1. 

Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions?

We make sure that every meal on every adventure is healthy and vegan friendly in keeping with our wellness adventure theme.  This ensures that vegetarians can be accommodated and of course those who eat meat will find options during most meals on our journeys unless specified in the itinerary as “vegan”.  Other dietary restrictions can usually be accommodated but we need to know these well in advance so that we can work with restaurants, chefs, and other providers to ensure we have can take care of your needs.  Please fill out the dietary restrictions section of the booking form at the time of booking and we will go to work to meet your requests.

What is the weather like?

Late fall is a beautiful time to visit Southern Utah with cooler temperatures for hiking.  On this adventure you can expect a broad range of weather conditions.  Daytime highs in Bryce will be in the mid-upper 50’s with lows in the low 30’s typically.  Overnight snow is not uncommon but accumulation is unlikely.  Still a morning dusting is a real treat to see.  In Zion and Kanab expect daytime temperatures in the mid to upper 60’s and nights to fall into the low 40’s.  It’s rare to see snow in either of those locations in October.  Come prepared for all weather conditions, the sun can be hot and intense so layers are key.

What should I pack?

Packing List:

Clothing:  Pack layers for the desert and canyons.  

  • Comfortable clothes for travel days
  • Base layer (“Cold” means different things to different people and we will be out in the cooler night temperatures so pack what makes you personally most comfortable)
  • Coat, Jacket and/or fleece
  • Gloves (insulated gloves for colder evenings and work type gloves for Angels Landing, via ferrata and rappelling)
  • Pants including one pair of quick dry pants for water hiking
  • Hiking socks
  • T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts
  • Yoga Clothes
  • Comfortable shoes/flip flops for hotel and pool
  • Sturdy shoes for hiking (hiking boots are strongly recommended)
  • Swimsuit
  • Underwear and Socks
  • Rain poncho (small emergency rain poncho is fine)

Note that this is a laid-back outdoor environment, you will not need to dress up. Even if you choose to eat at the most expensive restaurant in the area jeans and a shirt will be fine.


  • Day pack. A 20-30 liter day pack including water capacity should be sufficient, (Hydration pack is strongly recommended with a 3 liter reservoir)
  • Containers for 3 liters of water (if you do not have a hydration pack)
  • Hiking Poles (provided but you can also bring your own)
  • Yoga Mat (foldable travel mat recommended)
  • Sun Protection: Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, protective clothing.
  • Headlamp with red light option to protect your night vision
  • Binoculars (optional)
  • Camera


  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Shampoo, conditioner, and soap
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for backpack
  • Medicines 
  • Deodorant
  • Lotion
  • Lip moisturizer
  • Brush
  • Travel first aid kit


  • Snacks for hikes and road trips:  Nuts, dried fruit, energy bars, trail mix, etc.
  • Electrolytes
  • Food and snacks are available in the store and around the grounds at snack shops and restaurants but will probably be more expensive than what you bring from home. 


  • We will carry navigational and emergency equipment, communication devices, and a group first aid kit for the back country adventures.
  • Your guides will pack the essentials and safety equipment for the group.  If you are interested in building your own essential gear bag, check out our handy lists for recommended hiking, backpacking and travel gear.
What is the itinerary?


  • Lodging: Historic Ruby’s Inn
  • Hiking: Fairyland Loop, Peek-a-boo loop, Navajo Loop, Queens Loop (figure 8)
  • Activities: Yoga, Hiking, Stargazing
  • 2 nights
  • Meals: Opening dinner at Stone Hearth Grill, last Dinner at Bryce Canyon Lodge, Breakfasts at Ruby’s, Boxed lunches TBD
  • Permits: National Park Pass


  • Lodging: Parry Lodge or Canyon Hotel
  • Hiking: The Wave or White Pocket, Buckskin Gulch, Wire Pass, Via Ferrata with Roam
  • Photo sites: Belly of the Dragon, Sand Caves
  • Best Friends Animal Sanctuary half day volunteer.
  • Activities: Yoga, Meditation, Hiking, Animal Sanctuary, Via Ferrata 
  • 3 nights
  • Meals: Breakfast at Hotel, Lunch from Food Truck, Last lunch at Best Friends, opening dinner at Rocking V Café, Second dinner at Wild Thyme Café, last dinner at Sego 
  • Gear: add gloves to list for repelling
  • Permits: The Wave (Lottery) or White Pocket, Buckskin Gulch (BLM)


  • Lodging: The Lodge in Zion
  • Hiking: Walters Wiggles, Angel’s Landing or Rim Trail, the Narrows 
  • Activities: Yoga, meditation, hiking, stream hiking 
  • 3 nights
  • Meals: Breakfast at Lodge, Lunch catered by lodge, first dinner at Zion Brewery in Springdale, Second Dinner at Bit and Spur, Closing Dinner at the Lodge and fire circle at the Lodge.
  • Gear: Neoprene Hiking Socks and Water Shoes in addition to the list.
  • Permits: National Park Pass
How many people are going?


Adventure at a Glance


Southern Utah’s Bryce Canyon, Kanab UT and Zion National Park.


October 26th-November 3rd 2024


Transport from the airport will leave at noon on October 26th so plan your flights accordingly.  We will coordinate individual specifics once you have booked your travel.


We will return to the airport in Las Vegas around 5:30pm so plan to book your flights no earlier than 6pm.  We will coordinate individual specifics once you have booked.

Activity Level: Moderate

Daily yoga will be adjusted to meet the needs of the group depending on the other activities for the day.  Daily hikes will range from 5-10 miles in total.  These hikes are ok for those new to hiking as there are no technical requirements on the planned routes; however, the Narrows will involve hiking in moving water and the option for angels landing does involve some climbing with the assistance of chains. The Via Ferrata will ascend 700 feet using metal steps like climbing a ladder and includes a 220 rappel to get back down however no experience is required for either activity.  

We recommend that you spend some time hiking prior to the trip and maintain a regular yoga practice so that you will be fit to maximize your enjoyment of these magical places.

Difficulty Level:

Moderate (this is an active trip with a daily yoga practice and 5-10 miles of hiking/walking per day)

Places Visited:  

While the itinerary may change a bit depending on the weather, trail conditions and other factors when we arrive, we plan to visit the following sites in Southern Utah.

Bryce City UT

Bryce Canyon National Park

Kanab UT

Coyote Buttes

Pink Sands State Park

Sand Caves of Kanab

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Springdale UT

Zion National Park

Meals Included: 

Dinner on day’s 1-8 

Breakfast on days 2-9

Lunch on days 1-9 

Included activities:

Outdoor Yoga




Sunset Via Ferrata


Sunrise meditation

Volunteering at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Time to relax by the pool and enjoy the amenities at our hotels

Person Rappeling in Slot Canyon

Do you have a deep desire to truly explore but lack the time, equipment or experience to go on your own?

Yes that’s me!

On this adventure you will learn canyoneering skills like rappelling, way finding, traversing slot canyons, water hiking, and even traversing a via ferrata with experienced guides who can teach and answer all of your questions.  You don’t have to have any experience at all to tackle these challenges, but you will come away feeling more confident in your ability to handle any opportunity life sends your way, even the ones that seem a little scary and intimidating at first.  In addition to your guides, you will also have the encouragement and support of our wonderful small group to help along the way.  Traveling this path together, you will build lasting bonds of friendship with your fellow adventurers as you share common victories.  

Woman Standing at base of Angels Landing in Zion

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn

― John Muir