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Our 9-day Galapagos Island adventure will forever change the way you perceive nature and our fragile ecosystems. Starting July 4th, 2024 and returning home July 12th with pricing all inclusive of private yacht, activities, meals, hotels, guides and more starting at $5999.00 per person double occupancy!

underwater Galapagos

You’ll start off on a 5-day private cruise around remote islands to experience rare animals, many completely unique to the islands. You’ll be surrounded by colorful and playful sea creatures as you snorkel in crystal clear waters and walk along pristine beaches filled with birds and other wildlife.

The adventure turns to land when we arrive at Santa Cruz Island where you will spend a few days hiking and getting acquainted with the land animals including the ancient tortoise. On Santa Cruz you will enjoy spending a day working side by side with a local group working to eradicate exotic plant species and restore native species. This specially curated once in a lifetime adventure will leave you with a renewed sense of purpose to protect our fragile planet.

Bartolome Island Galapagos

Details and the booking window opens April 1st 2024 for this amazing adventure. Sign up below to be the first to know and the first in line to book! We can only take up to 12 people on the boat! Led by Anna Orbison, Kay Abdullah, and Kevin Montgomery.