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If you’re an active yogi who is ready to stop planning and start living, then turn on the OOO, leave the couch, and join us for an epic adventure where you’ll come away with a deep sense of joy and connection to yourself, the amazing planet we call home, and the beautiful culture of Peru.

With a deep breath of mountain air, you raise your arms to touch the sky, and stillness guides your practice into a moving meditation. You understand deeply the healing power of the Andes and the richness of human connection. You feel a sense of complete release with each exhale as every experience from your past and every plan for your future becomes absorbed into the infinitely small point that is now…

…. You let go…after two long years putting life on hold you have made it, you’re back, feeling stronger than ever…a tear of happiness rolls down your face…This is living!


Welcome to this moment…Welcome to the Sacred Valley…Welcome back to YOU

Reclaiming the Joy of Being Human


Imagine standing in mountain pose on an ancient Inca terrace high above the picturesque communities of the lush sacred valley. Below you, rivers flow through the valley bringing nourishment and life. Above, the mighty Andean peaks stand like guardians offering protection to all who pass this way. You feel the comfort of being cradled in the arms of the earth.

With your feet rooted on the ground that has sustained our ancestors for thousands of years, the sense of place begins to permeate your body with an overwhelming feeling of joy.

You soften your gaze and begin to focus within while the warm sun and gentle breeze bring you fully present in the peace and purity of this moment, right here…right now.

Your worries melt away as nothing seems important enough to intrude on this space.

Wouldn’t it be great to find your happy place and experience the joy of traveling and connecting with other people again?

You bet it would!
On this carefully curated retreat, while connecting with nature, like-minded people, and the local Quechuan culture, you’ll cross off a bucket-list destination and deepen your love for life in a way that will leave your whole body smiling for months to come!

Wouldn’t it be great to feel balance, excited and in control of your life journey again?

That would feel amazing!
Through the ancient Andean practices of gratitude and reverence for the earth, the power

What would it be like to return to being so completely engaged in the moment that you don’t make time to stree or worry?

It would be magical!
Through the daily practice of yoga, soundbath and moving

Wouldn’t you love to reactivate your active lifestyle, healthy diet, and overall feeling of well-being?

You deserve this!
On this retreat, a daily yoga practice, a mouthwatering plant-based meal, and awe-inspiring