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Sun - Fri: 8AM - 9PM

Our Patagonia adventure will explore the rugged landscape and natural beauty that made its name synonymous with adventure. From turquoise mountain lakes, to blue glaciers we will trek the famous W route with all its famous campsites and bucket list views. Our journey will take us beyond Torres del Paine to explore islands teaming with wildlife and a chance to trek to a remote colony of majestic King Penguins with their bright orange markings. This is the only place in the world outside of Antarctica where you can see these beautiful animals. We have truly crafted the adventure of a lifetime, its our most physically demanding trip, but well worth the effort, you will simply be astounded by the beauty of Patagonia in real life.

The details will be coming very soon, we can only take 10 people on this trip because of the nature of the trek. Sign up below to be the first to know when it is published and first in line to book!