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At RDY Adventures we understand the many travel interests of in the yoga + wellness community. So we curate our adventures to meet a variety of interests. Whether you want to explore your creative side, trek the world’s epic routes, or experience some of the worlds most mysterious ancient sites, our adventures are curated to give you the trip of a lifetime.

Explore your travel interests

Surf Lessons in Panama Travel Interests

Active Adventures

Our active adventures are designed to get you moving in a mindful way. Choose from surfing retreats, famous trekking routes, river rafting excursions and much more. You will enjoy signature small group travel experiences, great food, and amazing yoga practices to keep you going strong.

Each adventure is rated according to its level of fitness or skill requirement so you can pick an adventure that is perfect for you!

Park in Paris Travel Interests

Creative Adventures

Our creative adventures are designed to inspire and bring about a mindful creative process. You can choose from activities including writing, dance, art, music and food! The retreat locations are curated for their contribution to the creative process from literary history and inspiration to unique cuisine and cooking techniques.

Each adventure includes workshops to hone your skills, find your creative muse, combine mindfulness with creativity, and produce work!

Cambodia Adventure Travel Interests

Magical Places

These adventures explore some of the most iconic destinations in the world. You can choose adventures centered around culture, history and nature. Along the way you will enjoy yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices in some of the most amazing places you can imagine.

Whether you choose to explore the Sacred Valley of Peru, the massive temples at Angkor Was in Cambodia, or experience the mountain gorilla’s in the impenetrable forests of Uganda, these are places and people you will never forget. These are our most beloved adventures.

musicians performed as we planted trees in celebration of giving back to the earth and all its inhabitants unique experiences Travel Interests

Unique Experiences

These adventures are centered around once in a lifetime experiences. Something new around every corner! Whether it’s crossing the Sahara on camel back, spending the night in a teepee camped out with the high plains crow, or experiencing the healing power of forest bathing, you are sure to enjoy these very special experiences.

Our ability to create experiences that you can never have traveling on your own is one of the reasons small group travel is so popular. For this category of interest we take that to heart and work to design something powerful and unforgettable just for you.