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At RDY Adventures, we know that different people have different travel styles, so we have developed retreats that appeal to differing tastes. From creative retreats to lodge-to-lodge trekking experiences we work to create epic adventures for a diverse travel community with certain elements common to all. This page will give you an idea of each experience so you can pick one that feels right for you.

Chill Adventure

exploring the streets of Paris easy going travel style

You’ll experience some of the most breathtaking and inspiring places the world at just the right pace. The activity level is a bit more leisurely but the food, culture, and places you’ll visit are worthy of any bucket list. As with all of our travel styles, you will find the same unique experiences you can only get with a small group woven into every trip. From private chefs to special access to private sites, we work with local experts to create an experience you can never have on your own. All at a pace that is comfortable to enjoy.

Freestyle Adventure

Panama yoga surf and painting adventure freestyle travel style

Sometimes you just want to sleep in and move at your own pace for the day. These retreats offer maximum flexibility in the schedule and itinerary so that you can tailor your experience with your desires. There may be more meals on your own so you can choose where you would like to eat, there may be more optional activities where you can choose to participate or lay in a hammock with a good book all day.

All of our retreats have the option to opt out of activities, but these ones are specifically designed to give you plenty of options and plenty of time to relax and enjoy.

Active Adventure

sun temple Ollantaytambo Peru Travel Styles

The most amazing places around the world can only be experienced by getting out and physically exploring. Sure, you can stop on a bus to take a selfie with Angkor Wat’s main entrance but the worlds largest temple complex takes days to explore and only by bike and on foot! You can expect a lot of walking on these adventures, and sometimes multi sport activities as you explore some of the most iconic bucket list destinations in the world. A reasonably good fitness level is required and we suggest you do some walking and conditioning to prepare but these trips focus on places and cultures and not activity driven like the Trekking Adventures may be.

Walking Adventures

Working in your challenge zone is the hallmark of every Red Diamond Yoga Adventure. It is here we overcome fear and find personal growth. travel styles

The very best way to explore the world is to get out and walk about. You can expect experiences that will leave you with a sense of accomplishment. These adventures are iconic, hiking famous trails like the Inca, catching the view from Zeus’s throne on Mount Olympus, or trekking from village to village on an El Camino Santiago pilgrimage. These adventures do not have a high degree of technical difficulty and feature fully supported services so you will trek from one lodge to the next each day with a small day pack while we take care of the rest. These all require a reasonably good fitness level, and some conditioning in advance to maximize your enjoyment. Due to the nature of these activities, remote locations and the kinds of places you will be staying, we take very small groups from 8-10 people including guides. These adventures feature great food and one of a kind experiences with local culture just like the others.

Epic Adventure

Standing in Mountain Pose at Machu Picchu in Peru Travel Styles

Epic adventures leave no stone unturned when it comes to the ultimate luxury travel experience. You can expect to engage with destinations that belong on everyones bucket list in a once-in-a-lifetime format. Like entering Machu Picchu through the Sun Gate after a day long hike up the Inca trail. You’re the only visitors left in the park as the sun sets over the Citadel. You walk out of the gates and into the front door of one of the most epic hotels in South America where you will spend the night in luxury before returning to the park in the morning for an exclusive sunrise meditation. You may never pass this way again but you will leave these adventures with lifelong memories and a sense that you did it all!

Common to All Travel Styles

Our Group of leaders are fun and inspiring and have a knack for fun yoga poses. travel styles

Each of our adventures will have the common elements you expect and enjoy! Healthy, mouthwatering meals and snacks where vegans are always accommodated together with most dietary restrictions!

You will enjoy signature group experiences that have been hand curated just for you. Each trip will feature yoga + meditation taught for all levels that will prepare you to experience each day to its fullest. Above all you can expect a carefully planed, and well run adventure with really fun and interesting travel companions. We handle every detail throughout the journey so you can relax and enjoy your adventure!